• Mentoring
  • Strategic planning
  • Professional staff involvement, engagement, fulfillment and development
  • Highly performing team strategies
  • Maximizing technology investments (e.g., ROI & TCO optimization)
  • Organizational integration and flow
  • Information Technology consultant


Public Speaking on topics such as:

  • Effective education delivery and management
  • Native American education
  • Institutional service delivery transformation and sustainability
  • Change - effectively managing the natural resistance to change
  • Organizational transformation to effective service delivery mindset
  • Risk Management
  • Public and private partnerships
  • Business operations


Risk Management

  • Assessment and tolerance analysis
  • Mitigation strategies and tactics
  • SDLC (Systems/Software Development Life Cycle) risk 
    assessment and evaluation
  • Risk analysis process facilitation and implementation incorporating various methods including SWOT and DESTEP


Quality Assurance Management

  • Project
  • Audit and oversight
  • Solutions
  • Cross departmental and/or inter-organizational dependency management
  • Systems integration and workflow
  • Data management and credibility


Change Management

  • Organization cultural alignment framework
  • Workflow, process, procedures and best practice creation and management
  • Board creation, policy generation and oversight


Financial Management

  • Revenue generation models
  • Grant writing
  • Budgeting
  • Fiscal oversight, accountability and responsibility


Governance, Policy, Procedure and Process Engineering

  • Technology
  • Data and information
  • Security
  • Project
  • Policy generation and compliance
  • Governance Board organization and process


Relationship Management

  • Public and private partnerships
  • Client partners
  • Vendors
  • Constituents

Donald Houde, Information Technology Consultant and President of Houde Consulting

Information Technology Consultant, Business Management, Business Consulting Firm


Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Organization requirements harvesting and documentation
  • Streaming Big Data expertise
  • Source data profiling, credibility assessment and gap analysis
  • BI solution(s) architect, design, development and implementation
  • BI solution data/information delivery analysis, design, development and implementation
  • Federated, geographically disperse stakeholder methodologies
  • Stakeholder Identity Access, Identity Matching and Provisioning management
  • Business Consulting firm


Data Coaching and Engineering

  • Organization and stakeholder effective use of information gleaned from data
  • Optimized logical and physical data modeling methodologies
  • Optimized data flow and transformation approach and framework
  • Standards, open source and best practice alignment
  • Information usage socialization and training plan design, organization and implementation
  • Collaborative technology and data visualization expert engineering methodologies
  • Enterprise Master Data management planning


Implementation Strategies

  • Enterprise configuration strategies
  • Communications frameworks for teams and stakeholders
  • Accountability, transparency and auditability planning framework
  • Focus group management
  • Enterprise standardized project management framework
  • Operations integration
  • Sustainability
  • Project job costing best practices
  • Revenue collections and recognition management
  • Long term visionary approach to short term tactics


Architectural Design

  • Application/tool architectural design emphasizing a balance between ROI, high availability, scalability, operational excellence, code reuse and reliability (i.e., Cloud, SaaS, SOA clusters, web services,  geographically disperse sites, backup strategies)
  • Physical and logical storage model architectural design and implementation (e.g., federated, SAN, NAS, etc.)
  • Logical information architectural design and implementation (e.g., federated, file, database, etc.)
  • Enterprise database server architecture, development, administration and optimization
  • Data ETL process engineering including architecture, development, administration and optimization



  • Securitization planning and implementation related to applications, infrastructure and critical information (i.e., IDS, IPS, encryption, firewalls, virus, auditing, event logging/review, etc.)


Business Management

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) planning, testing and review (hot and warm sites, off-site vault storage, geographically disperse DR facilities)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Sustainability planning and implementation
  • Enterprise configuration management
Donald Houde, President of Houde Consulting, providing consulting services in Information Technology, Business Operations, Executive Leadership, Education, Technology Integration, Governance, Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Technology Selection, IVV, Policy Analysis, IT Security, Client Partner Relationship Management, Analytics, Big Data, Resource Management, Quality Assurance, Visioning